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Versace for H&M

The “Versace for H&M” line will be H&M’s eighth with a designer since it started selling clothing in November 2004. Why is this a “big deal?”  Prices range from $149 to $249 for dresses, the staple of the collection. Coming from Versace, that’s affordable.  Prices go as low as $19.99 for jewelry.

I NEED this Dress? Someone get it for me... My Birthday is coming up! 😉

The collection goes on sale at about 300 stores and online in select countries from Nov. 17th (the official H&M website says Nov. 19th…hmm). The limited-edition is sure to create a mob-like scene at stores…I can’t even imagine!I guess H&M decided to be two steps ahead– they’ve actually set some rules for combating the frenzy. So if you plan on actually being out there amongst the other shoppers, make sure you have your game plan set up. They should’ve had this line available for online purchase as well!  Last I heard, they were in talks to make the line available for online purchase….we shall see. I’m almost certain that would kill off some of the frenzy that they’re anticipating.

Here in the D.C. region, you can find the collection at the 11th & F St. Location.

Will I be there? Honestly, probably not. Lol…as much as I would love to get my hand on some of those items, priorities (code for “Work”) always takes prevalence. I could go on my lunch break, but I’m pretty sure everything will be gone.

The Fashion Show took place at Pier 57 in New York City on Nov. 8th. Check out some pieces from the colorful collection and highlights from the show in the video below.

From Barracuda Film & TV

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